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Over the years there have been thousands of games written with SEUCK. What we are looking for is outstanding examples that have never been formally released, so they can join our Archive.

UPDATE 1: Several missing games found in Gamebase.
UPDATE 2: More games found thanks to Mason of C64Heaven.

To start the hunt, here are a few games already confirmed as WANTED, taken from the ZZAP! article

If you know anything about these games, or any other rare SEUCK titles, please use the Contact form.

The Absolute Beginning by Asif A Bhagwandin

Missing, presumed rejected by ZZAP!

What happened to this space-based shoot-'em-up with "eight-way firing that put Forgotten Worlds to shame", according to Ian Osborne?

Klaboom by James Sweeney

Not colourful enough for ZZAP! Click to download

FOUND! Thanks to Richard Bayliss for locating this on one of the Binary Zone PD member disks.
Download here

Cyber Squidgies by Michael Williams

Looks good, but what did it play like?

One of several platform-style games I have seen created with SEUCK, but I want to PLAY it to see what it was like. I don't care if the graphics were ripped.

Zanatron by Richard Thompson

I explode with delight, Sir William... I will not buy this record, it is scratched

Who cares if the bullets look like the explosions, I want to play it!

SEUCKERS Club - Missing In Action!

The SEUCKERS Club was started by R (Ronald?) Marshall and was mentioned several times in Commodore Format magazine. We are currently trying to track him down to find some missing games that he had on his club disks, so if you can help or even if you have some of the club disks, use the Contact form.

We are looking for:

Agent X, Apache Fight, Better Dead Than Antony (Full version?), Bloodshot, Bounty Hunter, Bug Blaster, Canals of Mars 2, Car wars 2, Chopper Attack, Chopper Attack 2, Chopper Hunt, Chrome Warriors, Commando 88, Eleven, Fighting Racer, Galaxis 9199, Frightmare Mission, Gunfighters, Last Duel, Mayhem 2, Megablast 92, Monster Mission, Next Generation, Noid, Pearl Harbour, Philips + Marks AD, Powercars, Precision Fighter, Radcliffes Revenge, Slut, Test Game, The Escape, Turtles, Wings of the Eagle 2, Wot No Martians, Xenonoid, X-Fighter 2, X-Fighter 3

FOUND! Revenge of the Gators, now available in the archive!

UPDATE! Several of these games have now been updated in the Gamebase collection, click on a name to link to that game.

Carwars II - The Next Night
Commando (Mission) 88
Fighting Racer
Galaxis 9199
Mayhem 2
Megablast 92
Philip and Mark's Big Adventure
Wings of the Eagle
X-Fighter II

UPDATE! Several more games have been found thanks to Mason of C64Heaven. To download these games, head to Mason's page.

So, that's just a few games that went missing in action. I'd also like to see a finished version of a game someone sent me while I was writing for Commodore Force - it was called S.A.S, and I still have a tape of an unfinished version somewhere...

If you can think of more great SEUCK games that you want to reach a wider audience, tell us about them via the Contact form.

And check out the Links page for more about the great "GAMES THAT WEREN'T" site dedicated to tracking down old games that were never released or finished...

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