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Source: Commodore Disk User

Simply load a game that has been saved from SEUCK (using the 'Save finished game' option) and reset the computer.
Type POKE 17629,0: SYS 24576
You should be back in the Kit menus with all the game data intact.

Note: this will only work on games that have not been altered or had the Kit removed from memory.


Source: Richard Bayliss

This is an alternative method to David Dewar's SEUCK WITH MUSIC

First of all, you will need to decide where to put the tunes in memory for the SEUCK game. I mainly put music between $6600 and $9FFF, providing that the code at $8000-$8100 does not get disturbed else enemies will shoot sideways, instead of random.

NOTE: A possible fix for this problem. POKE 21745,87 moves the random fire from a routine in the editor to a part of the main code.

So what to do then? Well, for a start, use a tool such as the All Round relocator, or the I-Relocator and load a tune which is at $1000 and see if the tune can be relocated. If the player can be recognized and relocated, then change the address to where you wish to put your music (must be between $6600 and $B67F). Once you have done this, save your tune on to a formatted disk. Let us have title relocated music at $6600 and in game music relocated at $9000.

Now load in your SEUCK game, and load up your 2 relocated tunes to their positions. Now we want to change some routines to initialize the music. Enter the Action Replay cartridge M/C monitor. Then enter the following assembly code

> 40E6 LDA #$00
> 40E8 JSR $6600

This will initialize the music in the title screen, but we will want the music to play, so now let's go to where the main title screen's loop jump addy is ($41BC JMP $4138) and change this to

> 41BC JMP $8100

What's $8100 going to be for? Well, this is going to be our own simple subroutine to play the music, then jump back to the title screen's main loop. So at $8100 type in the following assembly routine:

> 8100 JSR $6603
> 8103 JMP $4138

Now, test the game title screen using G 4245 in the m/c monitor or exit the monitor and type SYS 16965. The title screen will appear with some music playing in the background. Easy stuff huh?

If you feel that title screen music is not the same, and wish to have some in game music as well as title music, then this next part will show you how to play the in game music in your SEUCK game. At $440F enter the following assembly code:

> 440F LDA #$00
> 4411 JSR $9000

The in game music will initialize. Now we will want to play the music. So let us assemble at $4503 and enter the following:

> 4503 JSR $9003

The music will play. But if you enter the game, you will find that the music occasionally gets interrupted, because of the sound effects routines still being read. We will want to turn this off so do as follows:

> 5C0D BIT $D404
> 5C10 BIT $D40B
> 5C13 BIT $D412
> 5C24 BIT $D403
> 5C27 BIT $D40A
> 5C2A BIT $D411
> 5C2F BIT $D418
> 5C52 BIT $D405
> 5C55 BIT $D406
> 5C58 BIT $D404

Now save your final game with music from $0801-$FFFF, then execute the game (SYS 16965 or G 4245).


Source: David Dewar

Before saving your SEUCK game, make sure you reset the level counter. Go to Edit Levels, press F1 and make sure the cursor is on level 1 (at the left). Always do this before you save out the finished game.


Source: Richard Bayliss

When you write a SEUCK game and want to make your game into a 1-file executable, you will find that your SEUCK game can be large in file size, even after using a compression tool like PuCrunch or Exomizer. There is a good solution to this problem though. All you need to do is zero some of the memory. So with a M/C monitor on your Action Replay, you would need to enter this command:

F 65B0 8000 00
F 8100 B67F 00

This cleans all memory of the SEUCK editor. After you have done this, use the Action Replay M/C monitor to save your game like:

S "MY GAME",8,0801,FFFF

Then use a cruncher on the file - start address $4245 / 16965 and set $01 to $37 / 55.


Source: Jon Hare

To synchronise an enemy's firing with the first frame of its animation, go to Edit Objects for that enemy. Multiply the number of frames by the animation speed, and put that value into the Fire Rate in "Edit Enemy Bits" (press E). For a good example of this happening, check out the bad guys (Indian archers and sheriffs) in "Outlaw", one of the demo games that comes with the Kit.

Read more of Jon's wisdom in THE SENSIBLE GUIDE TO CONSTRUCTION.


Source: Richard Bayliss

You saw the tip on how to add music to your SEUCK game. Now here is an alternative tip for those of you who want to have only music playing on the title screen. The way I used to add only title music had caused problems with the sound effects settings. So here is a solution to this problem.

First of all, you need to do the title music installation hack, as in Tip #2 above.

Now in the machine code monitor enter the following:

>6530 LDX #$18
>6532 LDA #$00
>6534 STA $D400,x
>6537 DEX
>6538 BPL $6534
>653A JMP $4260

The next thing to do is to hunt JMP $4260 at location $41A4 and change it to:

JMP $6530 (or where you placed the sound initiliazing routine)

Now before you go any further, locate $4503 and ensure that JSR $5C94 is present else change this location to JSR $5C94. JSR $5C94 is the sound effects player.


Source: Richard Bayliss

You can find the data for the colour bars from $41c1 to $4201. There are letters that represents the colour effects that are used in the colour bars. If you want to change these use I* in Action Replay M/C monitor (or ALT+M for the monitor in the VICE emulator - Andrew) and change the letters between $41c1 and $4201. Here is a key to help.

@ = black, A = white, B = red, C = cyan, D = purple, E = green, F = blue, G = yellow, H = orange, I = brown, J = pink, K = dark grey, L = medium grey, M = light green, N = light blue, O = light grey.

Here is a best way to set colours. Say you set your title screen with the grey mix you can find it as @KLOAOLK. If you wanted to change it to say, a cool blue colour scheme, change it to @FNCACNF.

Here is a list of cool colours you can try:

Perfect blue: @FNCACNF
Perfect red: @BJGAGJB
Perfect green: @KEMAMEK
Gold rasters: @IHGAGHI
Blue/purple mix: @FDNANDF
Blue+Red mix: @FNCAGJB
Green+Red mix: @BJGAMEK

Try other ones yourself too :)


Source: Richard Bayliss

SEUCK title screens always had the colour bars moving up. Well it is very simple to reverse the colour bars' direction in two different ways, which are as follows:

POKE 16765,200 (Rasters going up) (>417D INY)
POKE 16765,136 (Rasters going up) (>417D DEY)
POKE 16765,234 (Flashing text) (>417D NOP)


Source: Richard Bayliss

So after losing your last life, are you fed up with having to wait for the game go back to the title screen and want it to do this straight away. Well to do this you can use JMP $4245 at $42BF or you can use this POKE below:

POKE 17087,76
POKE 17088,69
POKE 17089,66

This will take you straight to the title screen after the last life has been lost.

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