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THE PUSH by Anthony Burns

We are pleased to present THE PUSH, another Sideways SEUCK production from Anthony Burns. The ZIP file also includes a second D64 containing the game data to load into the Sideways SEUCK editor. You can also visit Richard Bayliss's site to download enhanced versions.

Level 1 of The Push

Mission Profile:

1917, the Western Front. Lead a squad of men across No Man's Land, deep into enemy territory, and detonate bunkers containing a stockpile of poison gas. Attack and destroy enemy positions as you advance, and capture strategic strong points. Avoid hazardous terrain and be prepared to encounter some of the enemy's most powerful weapons, the further you advance.

You begin with a squad of seven men, deployed one at a time (or two at a time, in two-player mode). As squad leaders are killed, other men in your unit replace them, until you reach your objective the chlorine gas bunkers or have no men remaining.

Your commanders keep note of your progress. If they consider you have made significant advances, they will assign extra men to your squad (one for every 10,000 points gained).

Hazardous Terrain Types:

Barbed wire entanglements, landmines, trenches, rivers, the sea.

Enemy Units:

Achtung!Trooper Slow and weak compared to other units, but do not underestimate the standard enemy soldier. They are fearless, manoeuvrable, undaunted by most types of terrain, and can come at you from any direction.

Two wheeled terrorMotorcycle Couriers Weak and unarmed, but dangerous on account of their high speed and manoeuvrability. They are, however, a little more mindful of rough terrain than the foot soldiers.

Supply Trucks Unarmed, and with limited range of movement, but large and fast. Avoiding them is easier than destroying them, but bear in mind that they are strategically important to the enemy, and your commanders will score you very highly for successful attacks on these vehicles.

Officer They prefer to co-ordinate their troops from within the trenches, but will occasionally pop their heads up and take shots at you with their Mauser pistols. Be particularly careful when crossing bridges within the enemy trenches.

Don't breathe it inPoison Gas Cylinder Static but deadly, spewing clouds of lethal chlorine in random directions. Shoot it a few times to harmlessly dissipate its contents.

Boom!Railway Gun Mobile artillery that fires to the left or right in a predictable but dangerously close pattern. Easiest to destroy from standing on the tracks, but careful its doesn't run you down.

Ready, aim, fire!Field Gun Tough but not very mobile cannons, which fire artillery shells.

Dakka dakka dakkaMachine Gunner Crouches behind an armoured shield and fires a constant stream of bullets in a fixed direction. His immobility makes him vulnerable, but don't even think about trying to dodge between his shots..."

Toasty!Flame Trooper As your mission progresses, the enemy soldiers trade rifles for flamethrowers, which fire a constant stream of fireballs, and their size makes them harder to avoid than standard bullets. A direct frontal assault on these soldiers is very much not recommended...

Gunboats Your rifle shots can't damage the hulls of these vessels, but you can (and should) take out their deck guns.

Fly the flagFlags These mark the location of enemy strong-points, the capture of which will earn you significant commendations from your superiors (and points, which go towards the assignment of extra men for your squad).


Ehrhardt E-V/4 Armoured Car (Level 1 Guardian) Although this fast and deadly vehicle is armour-plated, the plating is thin enough to take damage from your rifle, if you can avoid the fire of its twin roof-mounted guns (and avoid being run over).

A7V Tank (Level 2 Guardian) Too heavily armoured to destroy, so concentrate on taking out its heavy cannons and machine gun. A slow, lumbering vehicle, but it still pays to stand out of its path.

U-Boat (Level 3 Guardian) Avoid the fire of its deck guns or destroy them, and while you are dodging about on the dockside, do remember that you can't swim...

Download THE PUSH here!

Enhanced versions by Richard Bayliss

Watch out for enemy vehicles!

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