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Created by Jon Wells
The Sideways SEUCK intro screen

The story of a horizontally-scrolling version of SEUCK goes back a long way. Shortly after the Kit was released on the C64, a letter to ZZAP! 64 suggested a horizontally-scrolling version of the kit with the ability to add extra weapons. Then as time wore on, clever users of the Kit found ways to simulate horizontal scrolling - for example, by making an invisible enemy shoot bullets horizontally across the screen. Make the bullets look like trees or other features, and you had a fairly convincing effect. Then came Jon Wells and the unfinished Breakthrough project, previewed in Commodore Format but never released.

In 2008, Jon returned to the project and succeeded in modifying the editor itself to work horizontally. Initially this has resulted in the game scrolling from left to right, but Jon is now working on getting a more traditional right-to-left scroll.

The Sideways SEUCK level editor in actionAdding attack waves - sideways!

To find out more about the Sideways SEUCK project, to download the editor and the demo version containing Breakthrough graphics, and to read Jon's development diary, visit the official site at:

The Breakthrough demo made in Sideways SEUCK

You can also download IMAGINATOR, a sideways game by Richard Bayliss, from Jon's site. Or you can try NYAAAH 11 by clicking here to download. Both games have been added to the Archive page.

Explore the castle in ImaginatorLick sideways in Richard's NYAAAAH 11

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