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by Alf Yngve

The 2014 Seuck Competition organised by Richard Bayliss resulted in eight interesting new SEUCK titles to play. The top 3 winners had extras added to them by Richard as part of the competition prize, but Alf's Noxus has now been put into the latest version of Martin Piper's SEUCK Redux engine.

The title screen of Noxus Redux


A foreign power is preparing to release a massive amount of dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere. Your mission is to sabotage the chemical plant. Before you can exactly do that, you must guide a drone into enemy territory to defend your aircraft from hostile fire. Proceed from drop area into the plant... Sabotage all vital machinery and escape.

Protect the drone until you reach the base...


The drone will occasionally fail to appear at the start of the game. This is due to the Redux engine, but the player can continue.

Click here to download the D64 file

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