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Games created with the Amiga Kit

The Dark City logo from Guru Meditation


Tim Favro wrote: The Space Wars series were my attempt to make a Gallaxian clone with the SEUCK kit, single screen levels that didn't scroll.

Space Wars 1 was the first game I made with the SEUCK kit, It wasn't good enough to share... Space Wars 1 was mainly just made as an exercise to learn the SEUCK kit. You can see the quality of the sprites and the game design slowly increase in the sequels. As you can see, Space Wars 2 is laughably bad, but I think parts 3 and 4 are halfway decent. Also, in parts 3 and 4 I recorded and edited many of my own sound effects with "Perfect Sound."

I did a lot of work on Space Wars 4... I really wanted in game music, but there was no way to do this in SEUCK. I did however do a trick. I made a sound effect that looped perfectly, and used it as an enemy fire sound. By placing that enemy off screen, making it harmless, and shooting at particular intervals I was able to achieve the desired effect of background ambient sound (This doesn't appear to work in WinUAE, but did work fine on original hardware). This was the closest I was able to get to music in the game.

Click the screenshot below to download the disk image.

The loading picture from the Space Wars Collection

Space Wars 2

Space Wars 3

Space Wars 4


Tim: Remember the error message on your Amiga? I decided to make a game about it.. dive into the Amiga hardware and destroy the errors! I believe this was the last game I made with SEUCK. I also recorded and edited a lot of sounds for this game, including the vocal sample "Guru Meditation" which is spoken by me.

Click the screenshot below to download the disk image.

Guru Meditation loading picture

Guru Meditation level 1

Tim: Anyway, I hope you enjoy my SEUCK games.. they were done when I was in High School when I probably should have been doing homework. Thanks to Brian Larson for his help with some of the games.


Both these disk images will boot to Workbench. Double-click on the folder to reveal the SEUCK icon, then double-click to load the game(s).
Click the screenshots below to download the games.

Workbench with the Space War games

Workbench with Guru Meditation

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