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 ART THIEF by Andrew Fisher & Wayne Womersley 

Art Ravers 2003

A previously unseen SEUCK game created by Andrew and Wayne back in 2003/4.
The D64 contains the data file.

Break in and break out


Having played the game Bonanza Bros, I started thinking about creating a similar game in SEUCK. I put together a quick demo, basing the player sprite on the main character from the demo game Outlaw and creating the initial art gallery section with its paintings. Wayne then added more sprites and level layouts, and we came up with the three different level ideas between us. Passing the game back and forth, and working on it together when he visited me, the end result is here on the Vault for the first time.

The start of the first level


Make your way through three different levels (the museum, the bank and the mansion) to collect valuables including paintings, bags of money and more. Watch out for security guards, cameras, pressure pads on the floor, guard dogs and other enemies. And can you name the three famous artists whose paintings are represented in the game?

Note: please use joystick port 2 to play as player 1 - the player limitations for player 2 are not properly set in the game file as it stands.

Download ART THIEF here!

Approaching the mansion

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