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 SPY ACADEMY by Andrew Fisher & Wayne Womersley 

Art Ravers 2004

A previously unseen SEUCK game created by Andrew and Wayne back in 2003/4.
The D64 contains the data file.

Hit the targets with your sword


Wayne created the White Spy sprite in SEUCK, and we started discussing the possibility of creating a Spy vs. Spy style game. The fourth game in the series was due to be set on a space station, but was never released. However, I thought about doing a PREQUEL rather than a SEQUEL - so I suggested the spies training before their first mission, and SPY ACADEMY was born. Through 2004 we swapped disks with updated graphics, and when Wayne came to visit we did some work together on it (most notably the huts on the Sneaky Stealth level that the player can walk into). Wayne then finished off his version (see below).

Captions introduce each level


Choose to be either Black or White as you undergo rigorous training before going into the field. Hit targets with your sword, collect the objects for bonus points and avoid/kill the enemies.

Wayne's version: Wayne decided to add the "Arabs" level, turning a background graphic of a radio mast/transmitter into an oil well (with animated oil sprite). I wasn't too sure about it, but I quite like how the sprites turned out. So the version presented here is Wayne's.

Download SPY ACADEMY here!

Level 4 and things are getting tougher

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