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Created by 8-Bit Weapon

We are pleased to present SILO 64, in association with Seth Sternberger. Seth himself has written the following introduction to how the game was produced, and the download link is at the bottom of the page.

The History of Silo 64 by Seth Sternberger

I designed and developed a game for the Commodore 64 computer named Silo 64. I started noodling around with SEUCK around 2003, and by 2004 most of Silo 64 was complete. There are 9 levels/areas to adventure through with a buddy or even your invisible friend. Each enemy sprite is fully animated and there is even a final HUGE BOSS!! I even put in an ending worth seeing (PG-13!!! lol) I also did all the graphics myself and all of the audio fx as well! It took about 6 months to make using the now historic SEUCK software.

Once Silo 64 was completed, I got a publishing deal with a small software company for the commercial release of the game. I signed the said deal in the Summer of 2005 at the Classic Gaming Expo in San Jose, CA. They agreed to produce packaging, disk labels, and even a special page to add to the story of the game called "Dave's Diary". The publisher then sat on the game for 2 years and finally released it in August of 2007! To make matters worse, when they debut Silo 64 at the 2007 Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, they forgot a Commodore 64 disk drive, color monitor with sound, and even a JOYSTICK!!! SO there was no way anyone could play my 2 player simultaneous game at the expo. It would have been the ONLY c64 game for sale at the whole expo too!

Later around December of 2007 the publisher decided to close their doors and call it quits, they decided to sell their business to another independent company. The new company decided not to retain the rights to any of the property of the sold company, so Silo 64 is mine again!

Now Silo 64 is available for FREE download from my new site There is now also a soundtrack I made for the game as well. I made 4 songs for the Silo 64 EP that is meant to be heard while you play the game itself. You can download a free mp3 from the Silo 64 EP at the official Silo 64 site. A scan of "Dave's Diary" will be added shortly to the Silo 64 site for people to download and enjoy as well. :) Richard Bayliss helped to add the loading screen and the title music to the game. Richard also created this YouTube video as a sneak preview...

About the Game:

Silo 64 is a two player, simultaneous, action shooter extravaganza! You and a friend can play together and pic either a Robot, or a human to track through the wastes of a scorched earth...

Setting out into the wasteland

The story:

"The Earth has been destroyed by nuclear Armageddon. Your family, as well as other families in your home town, took refuge in the local underground fallout shelter, Silo 64. Only your trusty robo-companion is all that's left of your life before the blast. All your rations and supplies have been depleted. There's just one thing left to do... Venture out, and seek your fortune in the wasteland!"

Radioactive mutants lurk in the dump

Download SILO64 here!

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