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By Richard Bayliss

Here is an extra-special version of the latest game in Richard's long-running lick 'em up series.

Click the screenshot to download the game, or read more below.

The title screen

Richard writes:This version consists of work stages, and a workfile for loading into sideways SEUCK. I shall give you a story about how I come across to making this game.

Back in 1995 (As you may have guessed) I created the first ever Nyaaaah! game, and 15 years later, with my experience with SEUCK and also programming experience. I wanted to try a little project in which was to make a final Nyaaaah! game in the series and add loads of cool things to the production using Martin Piper's SEUCK Redux engine - with limited space for extra code. So I designed my levels in work stages, which took a few days or so to make. Then afterwards, I imported everything into the updated SEUCK Redux Source, including extra data, such as music, logo, etc.

The start of the game

The first task was to get those power ups working. I came across some silly niggly problems in Redux, where enemies linked to bottles died after Snodge takes a bottle, so to solve this problem. I decided NOT to link the bottles to the enemies, just placed them on the ground. After sucessfully getting the power ups to work they way I wanted them to work. I added some additional code to animate the water background chars. Then I worked on the new front end. The plan was to add a swinging logo, with scroll text at the bottom of the screen, and a colour flashing routine. The overall result turned out great. I even had enough space to add a high score table to the game.

The game starts, where Snodge has to lick the enemies, but after he collects bottles of magic potion, (depending on the coloured potion he drinks) he will end up with a new weapon. Either a mini bolt, mega bolt or default licking.

The full instructions are in the note file of this disk. We hope you will enjoy this funny game.

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