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By Richard Bayliss

Here is a new project from Richard Bayliss, released in 2010 in two different versions. One version was designed exclusively for the Digital Talk diskmag.

Richard says: "I usually program my own stuff, but this week I fancied writing another game with Jon Well's Sideways SEUCK for a change. I had this funny idea for a story, where usually you have good vs bad, but this time round I decided to make it the opposite way. Bad vs Good :o). So I came up with a funny and tricky game called "Mutilator". The game story is quite a funny idea as well. A sad beginning, but the story turns into a quest. Anyway here is the general story about this release. The ZIP contains the disk version and the files to master to a real tape - complete with a special load-a-game!"

Get those cows!


You are an alien who has just survived a meteor crash on the planet Vart. Sadly you have become one of the Vartarians to have existed because the other Vartarians all were destroyed in the armageddon - caused by the meteorite. You got out of the planet in your Alien Craft just in time before you were wiped out by the impact of the meteorite. After finding nothing left to live for on Vart. You decide to look for a new planet, which is 64 million light years away from Vart called planet Earth. So you fly through the asteroid belt to get to the planet.

When you got to Earth, you find that it cannot be your home unless you invade the planet. Unfortunately after you got to earth news broke around the world of various sightings of your alien craft. So the trigger-happy military forces come storming in ready to stop you in your tracks. So now it is time for an invasion. Otherwise you will have to find another planet to live on, but could it be friendlier. To make you more happier, you can go and mutilate some cows if your really fancy boosting up your invasion skills.

The game:

Guide your Vartarian through 5 different levels. The levels are as follows:

Level 1 - The Asteroid Belt to Planet Earth

You have to travel 64 Million Light Years through an asteroid belt before you can get to planet earth. Thankfully, you have got firepower. 2 hits of some debris will destroy it, but try and blast as fast as possible so that you can get through a bit further.

Level 2 - Planet Earth - The National Park

You have just landed on to planet Earth at a national cattle park. It is time for you to mutilate those cows. Unfortunately because of the sighting reports of your space craft, ground soldiers have come to play with their trigger happy guns. Those soldiers only require 1 hit before they are dead.

Level 3 - The City of Stateville

You have just entered a city. Oh, how nice. Well it isn't all that nice. There's more enemy forces out to stop you in your tracks. This time fast shooting soldiers, tanks and some helicopters. At the end of this stage, you will face a big boss to destroy (or be destroyed by it).

Level 4 - Total Carnage - The final battle

It is time for you to face more enemy forces as you battle against them by land, air and sea. Sadly they cannot give up. The helicopters, boats, stealth planes, foot soldiers and other nasty enemies are there to make your time on Earth a real misery. It is time to get those bad people where it hurts.

Level 5 - ??? Mystery ???

I will not tell you what this level is, you have to play through all 4 levels before you can get to the final level and ending :) I don't want to give too much away.


Use Joystick in port 1 or port 2
Run/Stop to PAUSE game
Q (While paused to Quit)

Download MUTILATOR here!

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