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LEGION OF THE DAMNED 2 by Anthony Burns

We are pleased to present the sequel to Legion of the Damned, another Sideways SEUCK production from Anthony Burns. The ZIP file also includes a second D64 containing the game data to load into the Sideways SEUCK editor.

Level 1 of LOTD2


After the defeat of the vampire tyrant Stryxia 1000 years ago, the folk of Hameria village erected a church over the place where she had fallen, partly as a gesture of triumph but mainly to prevent her from rising again. As the centuries rolled on, the village was eventually swallowed up in the growth of the neighbouring town, which developed into a major city. Gang warfare became widespread, even into the city outskirts, and one gang set up its headquarters in the abandoned church. During an attack from a rival gang, blood was spilled over the ground in which Stryxia’s bones still lay, waiting to absorb new life-force.

Not only was the evil queen resurrected, but the blood gave her complete understanding of the crime-ridden modern world into which she had been reborn. Seizing her opportunity, Stryxia has taken control of the gangs, turning their members into an new army of vampire slaves who have enforced her sadistic will over the entire city. The authorities, which struggled to contain even the ordinary gangs, have been powerless to prevent them. However, two of the few surviving police officers – Detectives Starr and Michael – have a lead on where Stryxia herself is based, and know that if they can only fight their way through to her, they can eliminate the entire problem … assuming they survive the encounter. Three levels of relentless battle await you: the inner city, the industrial estate, and the city outskirts.


Port 2Starr (Joystick port 2) – fights with throwing knives, which offer rapid attacks but limited range.

Port 1Michael (Joystick port 1) – fights with a sawn-off shotgun, which is effective over any range but is less rapid, as it needs reloading between shots.


Mindless thugVampire Thugs – In the old days, Stryxia preferred to recruit only women to her vampire forces, turning men into mindless zombies … who were unfortunately total axe-fodder. To have a stronger force, she has grudgingly allowed the male gang members to become fully-fledged undead, though she has not made them as skilled as the women: their knife-throws are less rapid and accurate (but can be dangerously random).

The female of the speciesVampiresses – Female gang members, enslaved to the will and whims of Stryxia. Their whips certainly look vicious, but you might want to pay closer attention to the knives they throw, always on a straight course ahead of them, and at a faster rate than their male counterparts.

My boomstickShotgun Thugs – Knives and baseball bats are all very well, but the further you get the less you will find the enemy in the mood for playing.

Who let the dogs out?Attack Dogs – In days gone by, Stryxia could summon legions of vampire bats to do her bidding, but urbanisation has taken its toll on their colonies. However, it has provided her with many stray dogs who are just as susceptible to her control, and are now eager for your blood … Not by any means the most dangerous of your opponents, but do keep out of biting distance.

It's the wolf!Wolves – Stryxia’s elite “pets”, only found prowling near her HQ. Faster than the dogs, and just as homicidal.

Under a barrelOil Drum Throwers – Showing off their undead superhuman strength, if not their bravery, these thugs crouch behind the scenery, popping up just long enough to lob an oil drum at deadly velocity.

Don't get spikedSpikes – Static traps, visible when not in action as a small row of holes. Indestructible, and best avoided.

Drive-by shootingCustom Cars – The property of the gang leader bosses in the first two levels. The drivers will try to ram you, while the passenger – from out of the roof window – will try to strafe you with a sub-machine gun.

She who must be destroyedStryxia – The final boss, armed with knives as well as a magical energy bolt. You will find her in her HQ: the very same abandoned church in which she was reborn, on the far outskirts of the city.

Download LEGION OF THE DAMNED 2 here!

Download the SEUCK WITH TRAINERS version here

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