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We are pleased to present the Legion of the Damned, a Sideways SEUCK game by Anthony Burns.

Zombies and undead and bats, oh my!

Anthony writes: "I designed this game with the sideways SEUCK editor, Richard Bayliss added the music. It was conceived as a "Golden Axe" style game, though (SEUCK being what it is) it plays more like "Commando" with a "Golden Axe" veneer."

"The plot is very simple: a horde of undead abominations have overrun a peaceful village, and two wandering heroes-for-hire have come along to slaughter them all and restore peace (hopefully). Player one is the Amazon (with rapid short-range sword attack) and player two is the barbarian (with a slightly underpowered but long-range throwing axe attack ... for which cowardice he is further penalised by starting the game with fewer lives)."

"(I can't honestly claim to have won it without cheat mode, though I have made an effort to remove all "certain death" situations)."

UPDATE: There are now two different versions of the game available. One is the "raw" game file from Anthony. The other is a new version enhanced by Richard Bayliss. This replaces an older, bugged version.

Download the raw LEGION OF THE DAMNED file here

Download the enhanced LEGION OF THE DAMNED file here

Download the SEUCK WITH TRAINERS version here

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