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Created by Shaun Coleman

We are pleased to present a previously unreleased SEUCK by Shaun Coleman, with thanks to Frank Gasking for helping discover it! The download link is at the bottom of the page.

Frank was searching for C64 videos on YouTube, and came across a video of Shaun's game. Frank got in touch and Shaun agreed to pass on the D64 file of the game.

Once you start playing, you will notice some interesting enhancements. First of all is the parallax scrolling effect, created by rotating a background character at a different speed to the main scroll. Then there is a palette switch between levels, adding to the variety. There are even some weapon power-ups and bosses to fight. Finally, and a nice touch for a one player game, the score panel has been relocated to the centre of the bottom border.

Flying the Laser Hawk

Download LASER HAWK here!

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