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KILL HILL by Wayne Womersley

Art Ravers 2010

A brand new SEUCK game created by Wayne, inspired by celebrities and the Quentin Tarrantino film Kill Bill.

The first level

Harry Hill and his pal Stouffer have to deal with celebrities including Jordan (and the boxing gloves of her husband Alex Reid) and Amy Winehouse on their way to the TV studio. Watch out for the badger parade!

Jordan Street

Joystick port 1 controls Stouffer the blue cat, port 2 controls Harry.

UPDATE JUNE 2010: Richard Bayliss has added music to the title screen of the game, and you can download this new version below.

UPDATE AUGUST 2010: We now have the tape version of the game, complete with loading screen by Richard - Harry wearing the yellow tracksuit made famous in Kill Bill.

If you're here, who's grooming the badgers for the badger parade?

Download KILL HILL here!

Download the version with music here

Download the tape version here

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