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Here are two previously unseen games by Retro Gamer forum regular the_hawk, preserved from the original tapes by Frank Gasking.


Although I was a Speccy fanboy since the early 80's I harboured a dark secret. I was jealous of SID tunes & the lack of colour clash on the old C64 breadbox. What persuaded me to join the Dark Side was seeing a mate (who was an idiot!) create a reasonable Commando style shoot-em-up using his very own characters.

When the c64 "Light Fantastic" pack came out I couldn't believe it - you got a lightgun, 3d specs and there nestled between Mike Reid's Pop Quiz & Batman was Palace Software's masterpiece. Some weeks of pester power later & dear old Santa Claus delivered yet another 8-bit machine to the Sloanard household.

Although I have absolutely bog all technical knowledge or design skills, there I was spending many's a blissful evening tinkering away making my own little games.

The two that survived are now here for your delectation. The games were originally going to be given away with the 1st copy of the fanzine C64 Scene - it never got off the ground due to lack of access to a photocopier or a printer and the inability of me & Reggie to write decent games reviews!

Enjoy the games - I did make a lost classic called "The Sloanymobile" - a sort of Spy Hunter/SWIV game where you could drive a car or fly the Batmobile - alas being on a C90 it got taped over, probably with some terrible early 90's dance music and is lost forever!

Oh and a HUGE thanks to Frank Gasking for converting the old tapes to TAP files.


Level 1

Take the role of me or my mate at the time David "Reggie" Haslett as we plod through a load of bad guys that loosely resemble whatever I was into at the time - Subbuteo men, Arcade Machines, Pac-Man (I was even into retro games back then.) Batman, Rab C Nesbitt. Not quite the classic I remember it being but please feel free to have a go. Oh and the quest is to rid the world of "Fatman" the reward at the end appears to be a load of sweets & Coke - the irony was lost on me 20 years ago, but thanks to my wife for pointing it out.



Level 1

Gawd I cringe at that name 20 years down the line - though I'm sure I thought it was very clever back then! It's basically a shameless rip-off of the Outlaw game that came with the system, with some of the graphics changed to loosely resemble Ninja Turtles.

Mosey on into town

Download the games here!

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