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by Frank Gasking

Frank has been looking through his old work disks and transferring some tape files, and here we present some of the SEUCK creations, along with notes from Frank. The ZIP contains a mix of file formats, and some games come with the original data files to load into the Kit. Other games mentioned in Frank's notes will link you to Gamebase64.

1993 Frank Gasking & Richard Baker
TAP file

Revamped Space Invaders

Frank: My second ever effort in SEUCK, and badly shows. Before I realised I had to use Blank SEUCK to make a new game (overwriting Transputer Man instead), I made this poor effort. Even tried to make centipedes in the game using individual dots for each sprite!

1994 Frank Gasking & Trevor Terry
Crude game that some may find offensive
D64 file

Not for children

Frank: Very very poor 1 day effort with a friend from school days. We were all into BBC 2's Bottom and that type of toilet humour, hence this game effort. This was previously lost, but Luigi De Fraya very kindly reconstructed two broken files into a working one!

1994 Bad Boy Productions
A clever animation created with the Kit
D64 file with SEUCK data file

Cheer the hero

Frank: I had completely forgotten about this end sequence for my game Cybernator, and was very shocked when I came across it when backing all my tapes up. What is even more surprising is how close it is to the end sequence of Synetic.

1994 Bad Boy Productions
D64 file

Blast everything in sight

Frank: This was the game which eventually turned into Xavier from what I recall.

Bad Boy Productions, playtested by Daniel Plews
Race through 7 levels inspired by the Codemasters console game
D64 file with SEUCK data file

Ruler and pencil sharpener

Frank: I was a huge fan of the game on the NES/Amiga, and so decided to create this poor effort. This was around my 3rd/4th game i'd made in 1993. Not quite finished.

1994 Bad Boy Productions
VICE snapshot file

What happened to the first game?

Frank: sequel to a space shooter I did prior to Xavier. First game was heavily inspired by Sub Burner by Shaun Pearson. Second was more of the same but more of my own game. Start sequence inspired by Morpheus' launch scene.

Loads in the editor to show a preview of this unfinished game
VICE snapshot file

Get your motor running

Frank: One of many failed Spy Hunter/Streethawk attempts I did in the day. I am very sure that this was produced as I was eagerly awaiting the never released Psykozone from Kenz. Funny how many years later I worked with Richard to resurrect and finish off its release :-)

Port 2 for gun, Port 1 for flamethrower
D64 file with SEUCK data file

Shoot to kill

Frank: A big fan of Arnie on the C64 at the time, and was impressed by Chaos Road from Commodore Format. This was inspired by both.

1994 Bad Boy Productions
D64 file

Dedicated to Jenny

Frank: Many moons ago, ZZAP! did a feature called "How to be a Megastar" with a load of SEUCK titles. Alf Yngve's Tau Zero was shown and from the screenshot I built up my own space shooter. At the time I thought the zooming parts of the game were cool, and did similiar effects in another game called Gunship 94.

Download the ZIP file here

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