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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit?
A. Known as SEUCK for short, it is a utility that lets you program your own games. You don't even need to learn how to program, everything is operated from the joystick.

Q. What about the Amiga and ST versions?
A. I am hoping to add more information on those versions to the site in the near future.

Q. I have some games or unfinished files in SEUCK format. Do you want them?
A. Yes please! Use the contact form to let us know what you have.

Q. But my files are still on original Commodore 64 tape/disk? Can you help transfer them?
A. Yes, get in touch and we will arrange transferring the data to the PC for you.

Q. SEUCK sucks! Why are you doing this?
A. I disagree strongly with that, as you will see from the unusual games and demos we are uploading to the site. There's more to SEUCK than helicopters and lightly-tweaked versions of Slap 'n Tickle...

Q. What about copyright?
A. Any games or files you pass to the site remain your personal copyright and we use them with your permission. The Kit itself is the copyright of Outlaw/Palace Software and its designers Sensible Software. Any game you make with the Kit is free of copyright, although it is only fair to add a message saying it was made with the Kit and to credit Sensible Software.

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