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ERADICATOR 2 by Jason Doig

We are pleased to present a previously unreleased SEUCK game, thanks to Frank Gasking at Games That Weren't and the programmer Jason G. Doig. You can read more about the discovery here:-

In-game shot of Eradicator

Jason also had this to say about the creation of the game.

I liked SEUCK. I'd been programming for a while before I go hold of it, but mostly I got pretty bored before finishing anything. So I liked that with SEUCK I could get an actual game going fairly quickly, and spend time playing with the graphics and tweaking the code.

It probably helped that I was used to a pretty rough and ready programming environment in so much as I used to program almost exclusively through using an Action Replay cartridge. So editing a game written in SEUCK wasn't really any different to editing my own code, other than the lack of familiarity with the code itself (and I'd taught myself to program by pulling apart other people's games, so that wasn't really a challenge either!)

Having said that, I didn't complete any other games in it. I dabbled, but mostly I ended up using it for designing graphics which got dumped into my own code. The sprite and character editors were better than my own efforts, though I didn't like using 5x5 tiles.

Download ERADICATOR 2 here!

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