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Created by Cornesoft

I met Mat Corne at the Fusion '08 gaming event in Leamington Spa in 2008, and he was demonstrating some SEUCK games he had written back in 1990 on his C64. I offered to transfer the games to the PC and he sent me the disks. So here - for the first time - are the five games.

Mat runs his Addicted to Gaming blog at and organised the amazing Byte Back event in 2009.

Cornesoft, 1990

Cabal-style shoot 'em up set during the Gulf War

This is a one or two player game that plays in a 3D single-screen style, inspired by the arcade game Cabal. It was developed during the first Gulf War crisis and if you get to the final level you have the chance to take out Saddam himself! Here is the introductory text to explain:

Your mission is to take on the roles of either John Rosco, a weapons expert from the USA, or Katrina Dumonte, a special agent from France, and protect Lee Neil, British explosives expert, while he arms the detonators to destroy Iraq. Saddam Hussein must be stopped. Rescue hostages by shooting doors. Message ends. May 1991


Two player Commando action

Straightforward blasting action in the push-scrolling style of Commando or Ikari Warriors, featuring some dubious 3D buildings! Hostages can be rescued by 'collecting' them.


Two different ships

Despite sharing a name with the arcade game Starforce, this was actually more inspired by R-Type, particularly in the biomechanical style of some the later levels. Choose from two different ships with slightly different characteristics - port 1 for the X Fighter, port 2 for the Tronix 10.


Heroes on a half-shell

With the cartoon being so popular, Mat made his own version. Port 1 controls Leonardo with his swords, port 2 controls Raphael with his sai. The idea is to rescue April, Splinter and the other two turtles. Each level features recognisable characters from the cartoon with a challenging guardian at the end of each stage.


Go get 'em Officer Bob

This game plays like a hybrid of the arcade games APB and Chase HQ, as you control a police car to shoot the bad guys, avoid the litter and pick up the hitch-hikers.

Download the CORNESOFT collection here!

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