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Thanks to Richard Bayliss and Carl Mason for archiving several games produced by Carl and his friend Tim Ager. Richard has produced enhanced versions of several of them, and Carl has added some extra text to describe some of them.


Tim Agar, 1992-3
A huge SEUCK creation, probably still unfinished as we only received 6 files.

Level 1-1Level 1-2
Level 2-1Level 2-2
Level 3-1Level 3-2

Download ALESTE here


Tim Agar/Lazer Image

Download BIO WARS here


Carl Mason
A slapstick SEUCK gem based on the BBC TV show

The clever title screen
Blow stuff up!

Download BOTTOM here


Carl Mason, 1994
Appeared on the Commodore Zone coverdisk, a cute platform game

Give a dog a bone

Download CLEO THE DOG here


Lazer Image

Download CONTURA here


Carl Mason, 1996
I wanted to do a racing game, but thought the fastest scroll speed was too slow for a Ferrari or F1, so push bikes it was. I think I was learning the highway code at the time which is why the roads have signs to tell you what's coming (and to help me remember). The players can punch left and right and you earn big points for anti social behavior, from splashing puddles, flipping road signs to punching other cyclists. if you're quick enough you can sometimes string them together to get max points or you can just take the safe options.

I like bicycles

Download CYCOTICS here


Carl Mason, 1996
Just messing around putting random numbers into my Action Replay I accidentally came up with a code that made both players be controlled by one joystick. So I picked it up and ran with it, made one player the little bloke and the second a crosshair to make a Cabal/Combat School style shooter. This one took a bit of working out I remember, to make it so that one player can't progress without the other (too far, I made it work the best I could).

You're in the army now

Download BIO WARS here


Carl Mason
Carl has now done a special edition of VIOS, to be added here later.

Watch out for the volcanoes

Download VIOS here

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