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By Alf Yngve

A previously unseen SEUCK game from one of the masters of the utility, Alf Yngve, inspired by the game and film Rambo.

The title screen

Note that this game is controlled with a joystick in port 1 for the first section, and you will be prompted to change ports to port 2 later in the game.

Bimbo will have to dash from the helicopter once you've changed ports

The first section of the game is a third-person shooter, with Bimbo at the bottom of the screen. Watch out for bombs, and later in the section the paratroops will attack from the side of the screen.

Shoot upwards, diagonally and sideways in this section

When the helicopter arrives to take Bimbo, you will switch ports and then the view changes to vertically scrolling. Dash through the jungle, picking up first aid kits to restore Bimbo's health (and earn vital extra lives).

Dashing through the jungle

Download BIMBO here!

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