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At last the time is right for putting your carefully designed nasties into the game. You must decide where they will go and what paths they will follow. Keep an eye on the memory UNITS FREE and remember that complicated flight paths just gobble up that memory and can turn your full price shoot 'em up into a budget reject.


This is how you put your OBJECTS into the game as ENEMIES.

- First select the ENEMY required
- Press fire to summon up the MAP (the word ROUGH will be printed below)
- Move around the map and indicate roughly, by pressing fire,
   where you want the varmint to begin its movement.
- You will now see the word FINE printed below
- Scroll the screen gently downwards to find exactly the right place for your ENEMY
- Press fire to make your ENEMY appear and move it into START POSITION
- Press fire yet again to let it go
- Move the joystick around to show the route you would like the ENEMY to take
- Press F7 to store the information
- It may take a short time for the computer to process the data


You may want to join some ENEMY OBJECTS together to make a BIGGER ENEMY.

- Insert the first section into the ATTACK WAVE sub-menu using the above method
- Select JOIN ENEMIES on the ATTACK WAVE sub-menu
- Choose the next ENEMY section to be joined
- Find the first section using the ROUGH/FINE method and press fire when it appears
- The words LINK TO WHAT will be printed at the bottom of the screen
- Position the cross hairs over the first section and press fire
- The word OFFSET will be printed at the bottom of the screen
- Locate the new section in the desired position and press fire


To remove an unwanted ENEMY simply select this function and use the ROUGH/FINE method to find the redundant ENEMY. On pressing fire you will see a cross-hairs indicator. Place it over the ENEMY, scream "Eat Laser Pie Alien Filth" and press fire for instant removal.