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This is what the sprite menu looks like


This is where you create the basic graphics which you will later animate into game objects. The options on this menu selection are EDIT SPRITE, EDIT COLORS and ERASE SPRITE.

The Amiga sprite editor screen


Presents you with the sprite editor window. The 24 X 24 grid on the left represents a blank piece of screen on which you can draw your sprite characters.The small square to the top left contains an actual size representation of the sprite you are drawing. The current sprite on the screen will have a number,shown in the sprite number indicator. clicking the + or - buttons changes the sprite. You can select any sprite in memory by just clicking until its number appears in this window. Simply click the colour you want on the palette down the centre of the screen,and then click the square on the grid you want to colour.(the current colour is shown in the PEN window) You can hold the button down and move the mouse or joystick to fill more than one square with the selected colour.

The MIRROR buttons flip the sprite in the direction of the arrow. It's probaly easier for you to try this rather than attempt to explain it.

The SLIDE buttons are for moving the image around in the grid. Clicking on any of the buttons moves the image one pixel in that direction.

The UNDO button does just that, undoes the last click. If you make a mistake, then hold everything until you click the undo to go back to how it was before you goofed. If you`ve done more than one click since the mistake then you`ll have to correct it by hand.

The FLOOD buttons flood-fills the grid with the selected colour, erasing all that was there. There is no FILL option, so if you want a large block of colour, it's best to flood the screen with the colour you want and chip away at it to get the shape you want.

The COPY button lets you copy one sprite`s graphics into another sprite. Just set the destination number to another number and click the copy button. Now that sprite will contain the same graphics as the current one. Handy if two sprites are to be similar but with small differences.


This is very similar to the edit Sprite window, but includes + and - gadgets for RED.GREEN.BLUE(RGB) going from 0-15, although you can only have eight (8) colours from the Amiga`s palette of 4096. Simply click on a colour to select it,then use the + and - to adjust the selected colour to your taste. Basically you're mixing the colours, adding or subtracting amounts of RED, GREEN, BLUE, to the colour.


Does just that, flushes the current sprite graphic from memory,leaving you with a clean slate.