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by NecroPolo

We are pleased to bring you TWIN WAR, a previously unreleased SEUCK game by NecroPolo/Avatar.

The title screen

NecroPolo writes:

While digging through my ancient pack of disks I found one that includes a long forgotten SEUCK game preview of mine and a quite lazy coder called AERO. It is unfinished and he cleverly deleted all the sources after messing up the colours and adding some stupid things here and there. If you wish to take a look, here it is.

I think it would not fit cool modern
SEUCK mods because it was like just that in 1990. As a game it has no gaming value as it is unfinished and that fool deleted all the sources back in time and the only copy is this executable file. It is just a long lost historic part of my C64 story that was found recently :)

Tank battles

It is a preview of a war game in which you control a tank, which has to locate and destroy a nuclear missile. There are enemy gunners, tanks, helicopters, etc which will slow you down in your mission.

Click here to download the game