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The intro sequence

Andrea writes: First of all, thank you for your wonderful vault. I always loved the whole SEUCK scene... and now here I am, two decades later, looking for some enlightenment about SEUCK. Exactly 20 years ago I made a game with SEUCK called "Slaughterland". I think it's a quite interesting game, since it tries to tweak the SEUCK possibilities in order to create bonuses, enormous end-of-level bosses, hidden routes and so on. Nothing you haven't seen before, but, still, it's a original SEUCK game not yet shared online or offline. Problem is, that back in 1989 I only had a tape cassette recorder. I managed to transfer from tape to PC only the "finished game" as a .TAP image, while the other files (ie the "ALL DATA" one) are lost. I'd really like to share the game, but I'd also like to re-edit it here and there to make it more enjoyable... I tried the "SEUCK REVIVE" tool by Entropia but it didn't work for me (maybe because of the .TAP format?)

What I'm asking is: do you, SEUCK gurus, know any other way of restoring my game from the "finished game" grave? It would be great if you could extract the data: I'd love to rearrange things a bit - as you'll notice, the difficulty level makes the game nearly impossible to complete (without cheats/savestates). Moreover, I was 14 when I created the game, so the texts are very silly and written in bad English. I'm still proud of the level played inside a jelly monster's belly, thou. With the final fight in the mouth of the monster itself, battling against his... teeth.

The data was not altered in any way, since I wasn't (and I'm not) able to fiddle with code, assembly and stuff like that (and it's a pity, since the "SEUCK REDUX" tool seems sooo interesting).

Click the screenshot to download the game.

The first level