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Curated by Richard Bayliss

Richard's latest competition attracted some great entries, and the prize was for the top 3 games to be enhanced. Now the competition is over we present the pick of the crop complete with their enhancements - and trainer menus added by SEUCK Trainers United.

NOTE: The initial files uploaded for GIGABLAST and T-UFO contained a background colour bug, this has now been fixed so please make sure you download the new files.

First Place - ABYSSONAUT by Anthony Burns

Part of the enhanced intro
The new title screen
Underwater shooting action

Download ABYSSONAUT with trainers here!

Second Place - GIGABLAST by Alf Yngve

Part of the enhanced intro
The new title screen
Big pixel shooting action

Download GIGABLAST with trainers here!

Third Place - T-UFO by Errazking

The intro screen
The new title screen
Mobile defence shooting action

Download T-UFO with trainers here!

Visit the official competition site here

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